Friday, December 30, 2011

The Witch Tower - Review

Hi everybody,

I hope you had a great Xmas time or whatever you go for at that time of the year!

I shamelessly enjoyed a week off so I decided to finish the Witch Tower. Overall it is great kit: very easy to assemble (roughly an hour if you clean up) and few gaps (honestly all of them could go for natural weakness of the building because they appear in between bricks).

So big fatty full of paints thumbs up GW!

They are few down sides which are not negative for all of us btw. There is an insane amount of details and hidden bits. I took me over 20 hours for the paint job, but half of it was because of a begginer mistake I will develop later on. I have to admit few of them are ill placed inside the building. Some are hard to reach once assembled (inside of the wooden windows and the chaos gateways if you want to give them the attention they would deserve). I reckon mine would need 2 extra hour for polishing details ( some highlights on details such as book, sand timer, blood tracks) but I am satisfied as it is and i may get back on it in few month but for now I want to play with it!

So here is the overall result.
Some of you may notice the bottom floor bricks pattern seem snot to match.. well it is because it is not! I stupidly started to paint this one on its own mixing color and not taking not and i came back on the model 6 months later realizing what a m****n I can be!

So i started to paint all the bricks and just added some extra drybrushes on the bottom floor to blend it all together: I am half satisfied. Ideally you shall restart but ... yeah I have other stuff to paint as well! Contact me if you want the details about colors I used.

Her you can see floor by floor and you can appreciate GW effort to make this kit a little piece of awesomeness.

The main architectural oddity I found was the stone stairs at the second floor leaning on a half rotten wood floor... but hey there is a chaos gateway few inches away so what s really odd in there?

The top and bottom floor are astounding as a whole but my favorite details the two following one:
the pillars

and the winged death portrait: you have two of these available, i tried one in stone and one in metal.. metal is way nicer... I may change teh former one later on.

OK that all for today. Next Tamurkhan review and then I will start to bug you with my favorite army Tomb King.


Da Roosta

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