Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Campaign- Start of round 2

The staff of our local wargaming store decided to initiate a 8th ed campaing 4 weeks ago. Each round takes 3 weeks. I think the campaign will last 6 rounds.

Each round starts with Epic games (team-up bigga points game) and the following two weeks we can move on a map that look like Albion (or is it?). The goal is to catch the a storm (isn't it like pissing against the wind.... well a very bad idea all in all). I ll post the fluff of my army later.

I will give more details in the future but for today here are some picts of teh Big game that kicked in the second round. The price for the winning side was allowance to use the dark emissary for any game, mild advantage for small game but interesting for bigger points game... give access to shadow to my Tomb Kings (TK) ... who said skeleton S10???

We lined up High elf, Lezards and TK vs. Skaven, Orcs and Warriors of Chaos

Again thx to Duncan teh campaign organizer!

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