Monday, February 4, 2013

Sons of the Mountain.

Clearing the cobwebs in my corner of the blog...

Hey! Hello.
Hearing that R has finished his Tomb Kings has inspired me to take some photos of my Ogres. These brutes are nearly complete, I just have a solid chunk of highlights/details to drum up across the board.

I'm pleased with the outcome, all of that bare flesh really forced me out of my comfort zone (read: Devlan Mud, rinse/repeat.) I even made up some cool tokens as Maw-lore-attribute-helpers.

My greenstuff skills are still formative, but without the high contrast lighting and held at arm's length he looks pretty solid.

Maneaters are my favorite option in the army book. So customizable! They work as a perfect all-purpose unit. I prefer Immune to Psychology and Vanguard or Stubborn.

Really happy with my Sabretusks- simple to paint up. Eventually I want a full unit of 5 with an accompanying Hunter.

I will never paint another Mournfang. Hell, these aren't even complete and I've had enough. The models are awesome, but the fur doesn't come out right for me no matter what I try to do. Just don't inspect them too closely and I'll be alright.

Let me know what you think!