Monday, December 12, 2011

Great Weekend

This past weekend we had the 1500pt Fantasy Battle bash! With 20 people showing up! A couple new faces also made an appearance - Jason from Philly with his Demons and another Jason with lizards. Nice to meet you guys. - If anyone took any picts of their battles please shoot me an email. also I look forward to playing in the upcoming campaign. I signed on with my Lizardmen and Nick picked up a WoodElf army to change it up a bit.

On a side note anyone that is going to play in the campaign should talk to Duncan he said something about giving a discount on the mighty empire blisters to use for map markers.

Remember it's this Friday at 8pm to kick off the campaign have a General and 2 sub generals named for the event.


  1. Ive never done campaign before, should i be making an army list? What kinda guidelines are there for my generals?

  2. I talked with Duncan last night - 250 max for your generals(hero choices) and 400 for your commander.