Thursday, December 15, 2011

Da Manse II

Hi Fella,

I was playing with idea to share my awesome experience with the manse with you guys: all in one block or step by step... Most likely will be something in between. Mostly because when i start painting I did not stop in between step to take picture at each step.

Let s start by the end the take home message:
1. liquid green stuff is awesome for building gap as it looks like mortar at the end.
2. Inks are amazing at creating an ambiance with your building. Honestly between dry brush and ink are all you need for this building.
3. Mickael's is your friend for cheap brushes and extra bits.

Ok so for today let s start with the assembling and the gap filling.

At the opening of the box I was pleasantly surprise with the cut and the sprue. Almost no cleaning and the guide is clear at a noticeable exception.... the ****ing side observatory...which by the way may be a tower if you so decide (I will do walls with them I said before).

So here was teh funny bit to do with very little gap to be fair and all of them filled quickly with liquid GS ...

AT the end I went for the observatory (I did not attached the done so I can place model over there) and I did but minor tweaks. The major one is that I shorten the wooden deck to position a portion of it at the facing door to allow positioning of single model in a neat spot.

DO NOT use the glue accelerator to build this. Because you need long strech of glue or big amount it tends to solidify in shape of worm or bubble due to surface tension by the time you press both parts and then you are screwed!

My only practical tip here is for the observatory tower:
you have 2 type (A & B)of walls and 4 walls in total. Assemble A+B using the octagonal base as platform to give you the right angle in between A and B, Do this twice and then only assemble teh two A+B blocks still using the octagonal base to stabilize when you press them against each other. Keep in mind that the deck must end close to a door (usually the most right side of the octagon)

Few numbers:

-4 hours in total
in details:30 min cleaning and cutting, 2 hours maing building, 1 hour obsrevatory an d30 min minor tweaks.

-1/4 of liquid Green Stuff

Cheerios Bambinos

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