Sunday, December 25, 2011

Da Mense Final

The Skullvane is done!

So in total it took a week of work: 2 evening assembling and 3.5 prep and painting.

I followed the White Dwarf of December article nearly to the letter. I am not big on weathered copper so I went for an ageing gold for the observatory dome.

I do really encourage anybody that invest in this building to get that White Dwarf. You will realize though that you can go a step further to enrich color here and there but the techniques and the logic are the same as the article explain you. I don't have airbrush so i used big flat cheap brush and i dry brushed with big rond shaped cheap brush. I found a lot of 24 brushes for 10 bucks at Michael's perfect for these purposes.

I added some red here and there. I added white stone for the statues and signs. I lighten the big skull to pop it out, bleach bone did the trick.

I used mix of delving mud and green wash to weather the building, kind of muddy juice leaking from the recesses and gutters. I added some wood glue sometime because the washes fluidity does not hold well against gravity sometimes, in that case I added black ink to compensate the glue. The glue dry translucent but still enlight the mix. I added also bird gifts.

Overall I pretty much enjoy the process. I find their kit so easy and plaisant to work with. I liked that so much that I started the witch tower right after but that is for another post. here's a preview.

Next post Tamurkhan review.

Until then take it easy plastic junkies.

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