Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miss my better half, so I paint!

So here is a quick update on my TK

Screaming Skull Catapult #1

So I try this bad boy with his unpainted twin today and I haave to say I am not convince. You have to build a very defensive list to make it fit in the army. It does not really fit my play style (like I have one... ha!).

Next come the casket of soul and I feel my paint job is an insult to this model and concept. I don't really knwo why I rushed to finish this model. It shall be an awesome center piece, but I have to say that TK player are spoiled we have a load of possible centerpieces... I will have to make it up with awesome Shpynxes.

Anyway Here you go

And to finish today I will show you the first batch of my skeletons. I went for lazy approach and mix of spear and hand weapon shield. I usually field them by 50 or 60 if they see the battlefield and the first rank indicate their current equipment for the battle. That may be shady, but s far no complain.


Da rooster