Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kemmler & Co.

Follow up on my project "Blanchitude"

I picked the VC book on my shelve and I tried to recreate Kemmler as per the illustration. And the result is that:

So far it is a duet but I am planning on expending the idea to the Carstein lineage and ... what... who the said the recent sequel of Krell which is just awesome!

I realize now that final touch I have done on Melkhior do not stand out on the picture (push the red shades with purple and a bit more gore). 

Here some other angle for Kemmler. Essentially the approach is the same: inks and very diluted paint on light color drybrushed model. there is a bit more variation in Kemmler and I think it is a pity. Despites the illustration I shall have kept a narrower palette. I really wanted to introduce greenish and black shades; but it is a fail. That being said teh model overall come nice so all in all I am happy.
I know it keeps me away from my TK, but that so refreshing!

Little close on the base, I wanted something simple that recall teh simple tones and is fairly simple. Well I am not sure I can go any simpler since I just literally painted the GW base. How I am kidding! I am lazy like, end of the story!

 I would really like to hear some suggestion and advice what to do next and how to tie them all up. Display board? how said build a VC army? I am tempted.... but I cant see an efficient way to run that over an entire army....



  1. A display board would be cool, but I think a small VC army would be totally doable. If nothing else, paint up a small Storm of Magic pact army.
    Either way, keep it up! I am a huge fan of this gritty style and you are doing an excellent job with it. Heinrich looks downright sinister.

  2. nice idea for the pact... that open up possibility for a terror gheist...