Monday, June 18, 2012

Incoming Goodness

 Not that long ago I turned 31. I am lucky enough that my better half and my loving mama are not yet fully closed to the idea to feed my addiction at this occasion. And i got spoiled.

That was part of the reason I was reluctant to share that as I feel a bit bad about it. I know the price of these things and I could not afford them for a long while either. But I am playing/painting for 15 years and it is good for once not to have to hunt the unbeatable deal on eBay to get my polyvinyl fix.

Well part of the reason I could not hunt that on the net is also that maelstrom BaneBeasts and Warhammer Forge book are not mainstream either. And being so I had hard to find review on it. I overcome the shyness of the little spoiled bastard that I am and try to turn it into something useful: a review

I forgot to mentioned a McVey Studio Mini: Kifaro. To me, rhino inspires me raw primal power and their very little descent fantasy rhino themed model out there. I jumped on it, teh paint job of Mc EVy Studio is very inspiring and I will definitely consider to try revers shading (lighter inside and darker outside, see link above)

As for the book, well just amazing and it deserves a full review on its own. But as a first opinion, totally worth its money. Same vein that Tamurkhan. Illustration are seamless and very much inspiring for painting. The basilisk is just so fantastic with this yellow turquoise. I was considering getting the model instead of the Conjunct XIII from BaneBeast, but... I saw the Shard Dragon illustration and read its rules. suffice to say down the line I will get one. Can be in a year or two. No rush there.  I really love the emphasis on the dragon race. WFB is a world of giants and dragons but we see none because of the possibility to kill them at once. Now this book offer you to add extra 25% point, so you can multiply targets... well yo can also agree with your oponent that any monster can take top D3 per wound in order to want top play them more and that s free! But let s face it the more monster on the table the merrier.

Finally I am the proud owner of two BaneBeasts: the Conjunct XIII and the Mountain Chimera (what!? oh yeah the Terror of Fortriu). And i could see myself becoming the father of more. 
First the negative, Maelstrom is not GW or PP. They cast at slower pace. For the customer it means waiting 4-8 weeks to get your order. On the top of it the staff is nothing but perfectionist on the cast, which extend further the delay. But they get you way way more than you bargain for, so here come teh overwhelmly positive. I have never seen such crappy shipping box, packed with so much love inside: the models are very very well packed and protected. Their models are absolutely, positively, surprisingly much better and bigger than the picture let you think. Ok I know you have the measures on the website, but no measure can represent the bulk of a body or how a figurine fill the space on the base. 

Their model are on the pricy side but the quality of the resin is beyond my expectation and frankly flawless. no bubble or miscast or flashes. The pieces clip perfectly and the choice to create the parts are done that if you really want not to green stuff the joint, it wont be obvious, The connection is most often in the recesses of a skin fold.

Here is the Conjunct XIII out of the box. I got scared when looking at the number of tentacles. 
I decided to pin everything and not to glue any part that may interfere with the painting: and it comes like  that...


You can have an idea about what it will look like when you slide all the pins in position.

Next step I went for white primer and this where i am at as today and now it is time for to pack my stuff to get married in Europe. 

I won't post for a while but I ll spam you again when I am back. Cheers

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