Sunday, June 10, 2012


So Like most of us I got fairly exposed to John Blanche paintings. I am not a real fan boy even though I really appreciate the simple palette that is so characteristic to his influence on Warhammer Fantasy Battle imagery.

I have seen with more or less success over the internet hobbyist like I am trying to translate that into model painting. I thought it was a good way to close my WE to try it for myself

So here we go and as always please let me know what you think:

So it is not a finished job. I think I am gonna push a bit the gore color and deepen (if it i a word) the red tone using brown purple shade. But overall it came out alright.

It is out of the theme of my TK so it is refreshing. I have an entire batch of old and new VC character which I think will follow the same treatment. I am thinking of Kemmler especially maybe with more bluish and greenish tone.

Next post will be an update on my TK (SSC and CoS, which I am not proud of but hehe... it is done and it is in 95% of my list)


Da Rooster


  1. Great job, I really like the colour palette.

  2. Thank you Sir. I am big fan of your Fimir!

  3. I love those Reds - very subtle and highly effective shading!
    Now Following your Blog :-)

  4. I was surprised with these red too! It is dead easy to do. Prime Black, drybrush Tyrant Skull (Dry Citadel paint), drybrush longbeard grey, apply very liquid red blood, purple and black ink in the recesses and white skull with a hint of sepia for lining highlight.
    It is 5 steps but all the steps are very quick

  5. This is great! You nailed it, man! Awesome!