Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tzeentch BSB

Hi everybody,

This week I am gonna post some picts I took of my WIP on my BSB for the WoC. Well I am not original in teh fact i went for a Tzeentch marked BSB. There will be hopefully two iterations: one on disk that I am gonna show you today and later one on deamonic mount (cheesier than chiz'it) that I will base on Archaon model.
Initailly when I got the new WoC lord in plastic, like some others, I thought he has a great BSB posture. i worked my kit bash around him. I was looking teh various version of teh disk that GW or orthers have produced over the year for about a month or two. I thought for a while to steal an idea I found on another blog (Rhellion post at The Magnificent Bastards) on mount him on a screamer.  I really like teh disk for teh tzeench herald and i was tempted to buy the model but I could not find cheap. So for teh forst time I try to sculpt something. Usually I over-glorify my green stuff whole filling but not this time. I really tried to give some texture and shapes. The bases is two old flyer see-through bases and few bits and bobs from the my bits box. and here the result:

 I am very happy with the result. I attempted to sculpted screaming faces on the top and give a direction to my disk using spike from tomb guards halberds and the blade of the halberd of the Chaos Lord. I also tried to shape flame running below the disk as if originating form the center. I use the base to give some height to the model without resort to the long plastic holder.
I was not sure initially of the idea to use the vortex beast back portal as a battle standard but it turn out very appropriate.
Finally I spent soem time making sure that the model was adequate for being push around during game and after few games I am glad to see that nothing got even remotely damaged or unsettled.

Alright, I would appreciate any feedback if you would spare few minutes of your time. I am looking forward to paint that BSB!!



Monday, May 6, 2013

High Elves book review

I realize that I am not posting so much lately, that is because my hobby time is dedicated to painting  and trying to nail a theme for my WoC. some picts are coming soon. I also came to accept teh fact i want to well structured posts and it is not gonna happen for few reasons: time and the way I tackle the hobby is more organic than well thought mostly.

I am gonna try to post more but shorter posts about what got me excited each week.

This week will be no surprise to mots of us: High Elves army book.

Why this book stand out for me? You love or hate Mat Ward but much to his credit he always try to bring new concepts rules based on the core system, the reign of chaos in the daemons book for instance. Well he did it again. The loremaster is the most exciting concept of the book to me; descent warrior with access to all signature spell of the 8 BRB lores. I also like that, much alike the loci in the daemons book, the heroes means something for the army or some units at least. Each one brings extra rules instead of just boosted statistic or access to magic. Finally that is the first book that gives an incentive to use rider for monster, fire phoenix gets a bonus to come back if they are ridden.

The cover is one of the best of the new template if not the best, definitely on part with the 40K daemons cover! Big thumbs up for the fluff section, unusually well build and organized. They pay a lot of attention
to details such as create an HE-centric time line based which in turn give an insight on HE society that restarts the calendar with each king.

The new units are all great models, yes even the phoenix. My favorite is the loremaster, it has a dragon ball taste to it! The shadow warrior/ Avelorn sister seems incredibly versatile. I like the tendency they have to provide extra heroes, the Lothern Skycutter lord seems a fine BSB in disguise.