Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tzeentch BSB

Hi everybody,

This week I am gonna post some picts I took of my WIP on my BSB for the WoC. Well I am not original in teh fact i went for a Tzeentch marked BSB. There will be hopefully two iterations: one on disk that I am gonna show you today and later one on deamonic mount (cheesier than chiz'it) that I will base on Archaon model.
Initailly when I got the new WoC lord in plastic, like some others, I thought he has a great BSB posture. i worked my kit bash around him. I was looking teh various version of teh disk that GW or orthers have produced over the year for about a month or two. I thought for a while to steal an idea I found on another blog (Rhellion post at The Magnificent Bastards) on mount him on a screamer.  I really like teh disk for teh tzeench herald and i was tempted to buy the model but I could not find cheap. So for teh forst time I try to sculpt something. Usually I over-glorify my green stuff whole filling but not this time. I really tried to give some texture and shapes. The bases is two old flyer see-through bases and few bits and bobs from the my bits box. and here the result:

 I am very happy with the result. I attempted to sculpted screaming faces on the top and give a direction to my disk using spike from tomb guards halberds and the blade of the halberd of the Chaos Lord. I also tried to shape flame running below the disk as if originating form the center. I use the base to give some height to the model without resort to the long plastic holder.
I was not sure initially of the idea to use the vortex beast back portal as a battle standard but it turn out very appropriate.
Finally I spent soem time making sure that the model was adequate for being push around during game and after few games I am glad to see that nothing got even remotely damaged or unsettled.

Alright, I would appreciate any feedback if you would spare few minutes of your time. I am looking forward to paint that BSB!!




  1. Looks awesome! The pose is regal, very fitting. Great work on that green stuff. I find with GS I either nail it or fail miserably.
    Can't wait to see some shimmering swirling color madness on that banner!

  2. Thx Bro. I finish my filthy skullcrushers and I start this bad boy!