Friday, December 7, 2012

Back to basing!

If there is one aspect of the hobby I shamefully avoid it is basing. I can't really figure out why as it is not overly complicated when you don't go for intricate scenery.

I always found excuse not to own what I need to really try something. The truth of it is that I could not be further away from truth. Basing seems a very organic process (at least to me). I have bits accumulated from various armies and ranges, I have few tree splinters and sands and pebble on the top of the mud I have few element of fake vegetation acquired in a aquarium store.  I have everything I need.

When I overcame my fear to assemble the Chimaera from Banelegion. I stopped for a minute and felt bad to even consider mounting it on a sanded base. It felt really wrong to spend so much time, money and energy in that marvelous model and not really giving a try to be the best model I have ever done so far.

I spent about an hour (really not that much when you think of it) and came up with this:

I want my base to tell a simple story. I plan on using this chimaera in games and the only use with army i played is during Storm of Magic game when using a Truthsayer. This caster has automatic access to Transformation of Kadon, and here come my Mountain Chimaera.

Essentially I was looking for a small area near a ruined temple. I included the two bump on teh ground to fit the wings of the landing beast (i think it is badass)

Other than that The model itself was reasonably painless to assemble (especially given the sheer size of it) and when I think of it it hurts all the most that this amazing company bankrupted last month. I don't own much of Forge world piece but let me tell you that Banelegion models are the best I ever toyed with. They are complex at the look but very very well thought to be assembled with little gaps to fill and packaged very well.

Now that I am pumped with this first attempt I will do similar thing with the tentacle-croco beast, prime both in white and start to document the shit out of mother Nature big badass predator and paint these fantastic model and trying hard to pay them the respect they deserve.

Final shot of the Chimaera as it is at the moment:

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