Monday, November 26, 2012

Gimme SoM more!

What's up fellow nerd!?

Getting ready for the next Jakson's nerdgasm? I know I am. 

I havn't had the time to play much lately, something about real life taking over hobby time.
I played 1 more game of SoM though. I did not try the warpfire dragon lvl 1 though as I mentioned in a previous post but I used a Truth Sayer that I proxied with the Alkemy Khaliman Republic: Iëcha Bint Sorhna, Keeper o/t Snow from Kraken ed. ( see here). I think it fits well and it is the only way for me to have access to Transformation of Kadon and to turn into a Mountain Chimera and use the awesome model of Banelegion.

I am preparing a post on the progress of this model.

But without further ado here is what I painted recently besides my progress on my TK army.

1. Fen Beast for SoM

2. Morghul for the beastmen range that I plan on using as a Dark Emissary. I think it suits the model too.

I got a bunk of aquarium leaves, let me know if it works or not.


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