Sunday, March 18, 2012

When Media rock my Hobby!

Hi everybody (yes all 5 of you that are following this blog :P),

It has been a while I did not massacre English language to share with my enthusiasm about WFB hobby!

My apology, as often during these these gaps, real non-virtual (understand: dull) life problem took over any spare (understand Hobby) time.

I managed to advance on my TK painting and I will post some picts very soon; but todays topic is media and the unending source of info about the hobby you can find.

Most of us are fairly aware of blogging (that what's you are reading now) an podcasting; the new revelation to me was YouTube.
YouTube host an insane amount of battle report, book review and painting tips.

For battle report i tend to favor slide show with a narrator over actual video running, but it is really personal choices

I found this resource crazy useful. I am lucky enough to won a smartphone with a descent network connection so I can stream all the time (bus, waiting room, airport, lunch break, hwta I do instead of working, restroom...yes ... what... no judging).

So here is a short list of my favorite You Tube uploader:

OnceBitten360: very solid Beastmen and Brets player, competitive but not douchey, much like what you face at Legions that is nice player which intend to enjoy and make you enjoy your game. Most definitively my favorite!

Awesome Paintjob: very good for painting advises and review of paint, brushes and airbrushes!

VidHammer Fantasy: Their TK playes is an insult to our kind, but I love these guys even though it is a video and no slideshow. their stream is very organized but a bit too fast to scroll according to me.

BluePainting Tabled: Canadia Empire finest. Nice dudes but soetimes they are a bit too eager to review and forgot to actually read the rules :)

Painting Tabled: Love those guys. Painting, modeling and games. You have teh all deal with a very laid-back atmosphere that makes me sad not to know them in real life cause they look like great hobbyist to hang out with.

The Smacdeezy: very competitive, mainly (insanely beautiful) daemon. Like to watch because he has an objective analysis of his games and he is very honest when he plays to wreck his opponent hobby. I'd love to play him in a tournament.

OgreWargaming: Competitive as well, I watch it to know how to play against the mean fatties that too often stomped my delicate TK.

MObius Primal: just his enthusiastic is contagious. Good moves also!

So that s all for today, Netx time siome picts and my take on podcasts.

Please share with us if you know more good source of info on YouTube or else!

Your humble (what French don't do humility) servant.


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