Tuesday, November 15, 2011

December 10th Warhammer at Legions

1500 pt Warhammer Fantasy Lowball Tournament

From: Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:00 pm
To: Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:00 pm

Legions Games will be hosting a 3 round 1500 Point Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Check Facebook for up to the minute updates

START TIME Noon. Signups at 11

We have a reputation for running good events, so every come and enjoy yourself. Due to recent events the following is something that everyone should be aware of

All tournament lists MUST be typed and printed out OR it must be on a normal sheet of paper with all units, options and wargear taken CLEARLY LABELED. If you can't take the time to write out your list then there are room for casual games on non-tournament tables. In addition, player conduct will be monitored and EVERYONE is expected to respect each other and play legit. I understand people can be heated during a competition, that is fine


1500 Points Per player

All standard army books allowed (This will be updated based upon what books have come out)
3 Rounds, 2.5 hours per round (No dice down, but must finish game turn)
Break usually between round 2 and 3

Entry fee: 15$ for non-fully painted armies and 10$ for fully painted armies (Defined as entire model being painted to a 3 color minimum, primed models nor do bare metal/plastic models with 3 dabs of paint count)

Missions will be released during the event and will be balanced.


Additional rules for this event are as follows

No lords may be taken as part of your army list
No special character Hero-level characters may be taken
No duplicate rare choices may be used in your army list
Up to 2 of the same Special choice may be taken (instead of 3)

You score half victory points for units that are at or below half starting model count. As well as characters, monsters and other single model units that are reduced to half or below the wound value listed on their profile

Units that are fleeing are also worth victory points. A fleeing unit that is above 50% of its starting number is worth half victory points and a fleeting unit at or below 50% of its starting number is considered to be destroyed for victory point purposes

The following spells now allow ward saves (not regeneration) against their effects (Generally instant death). For most of these that means if you fail your characteristic test, then you are allowed a ward save but if you fail that you suffer the full result of the spell (again usually death). This also means that magic resistance will boost an existing ward save, or give one

Dwellers Below
Pit of Shades
Final Transmutation
Purple Sun of Xerxes

Contact me at with any questions

Invited: Everyone

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